I, Kerplunkaalot

In explanation. We all know Kerplunk, its that game where you stab needles through a cylinder, then fill the cylinder with marbles, then try and remove spines without the marbles collapsing. This, I think, accurately represents my mental state most of the time. I exist somewhere between getting stabbed, having things forcibly removed or losing all my marbles.

And with regards the above, I don’t mean anything physical. The stabbing items are psychereal, the removed items are quantitative pieces of sanity and…well, my marbles are my marbles. Who knows what they are composed of, or what state they exist in. At any one time.

Also necessary as an anecdote is a little fact about me – and my daily existence, at least on a good day – is my tendency to say, out loud, what i’d like to achieve in any particular time period. During university – on the Zoology level of the Boyd Orr building, or in the 24 hour library in Queen Mary, Uni of London, actually – i would pile up all my books for studying, settle down with my unbearably nice lemon Lucozades (which they discontinued, the sugar police scumbags) – then write a single word on the top of my diary page: ADAPT.

Its an acronym, you see. It stands for Andrew’s Daily Action Plan Today.

Under this I would list – usually in order of priority but not always – all the things i wish to achieve. This list would include diary entries missed, or film reviews, or usually a brief report of something interesting that had happened the day previous, or indeed the morning of this day. I would also include random writing ideas i may have had, or was having at that moment.

This is something i still do today – but there is one other thing, a new thing. It started life as something else then became this very online blog. It was called ITAALOT.

Typed into a word document, or at least into or onto something that importantly WASN’T my diary, this was initially something a little less personal than a diary entry.

ITAALOT is another acronym, and i gave you a whole paragraph to guess. The winner would be the person that correctly deduced “I Think About A Lot of Things”; this meant i could pretty much say anything and it would come under that heading.

It then became the wordpress blog under the title “thoughts and observations”. I decided i couldn’t call it ITAALOT because the explanation would be cumbersome. And then, today, i decided that with my mind feeling like Kerplunk quite regularly, this became I, Kerplunkaalot, playing on the supposition that Kerplunkaalot sounds a bit like Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table (he says, as if my readers don’t know who Lancelot might be).

Okay, back to work.

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