Typewriter – Typewronger?

Lets just type. See what i say. See what i think and what my fingers deem able to display in terms of emotions, current thoughts and hopes for the future. With everything in disarray (my worklife and my personal mindset) its difficult to know just what level of conflicted insanity i presently wield.

You see, yesterday was a great day. I started with a sesh of Assassins Creed 3 (not quite sold on it yet), then went for lunch with the awesome Lindsay. Following two cafe disappointments (Racer Cafe doesn’t do gluten-free, and Stalker Cafe is a pale shadow of what it used to be), we decided to give The Creagan Inn a go (its had another face-lift since Covid) and…well, we were blown away.

The fish was about the size of the boat that landed it, and the whole lot was marvellously gluten free on request (the chef actually came to the table and literally offered to tailor any meal in the menu to gluten free standards). Topping that was the live music in the background – utterly unexpected – and the playlist struck so many chords i was nearly crying, from the opening barn collapsing bass line of San Quentin to the high squeals of Mamma Mia. If the band had played literally anything by the Quo i probably would’ve died.

And then after an incredibly healthy themed shopping trip to Oban, i sat down and watched Six Days, Seven Nights and proved once again that Harrison Ford is astounding. Even Anne Heche – who i think was the first lesbian i was aware of in my limited view of the world: her, Jodie Foster (although i denied that for years) then, of course, the little heartbreaker that was Allyson Hannigan – or rather, her Buffy character Willow. Hopes shattered that we might get together one day my mind moved on as i matured. Jeri Ryan, may i buy you a drink?

Its been another week of Hell. Betrayal, back stabbing, morality-handbrakes and pipe dreams drowned at birth; all part of my working day. Lets move on.

I’m currently writing a gazillion things. No joke. A short story forms in my head with every breath of wind. Heres a few; “The Tenoffusaur”, “Dr Argyll and Mr. Clyde (and the curious case thereof)”, “Psycho-Illogical”, – and i’ll stop after three because i could literally, actually and most definitely fill a whole book with just the titles i’m thinking of.

OH news: “The Yird Swine”, a project by my better brother and a showcase of filmmaking talent set in the folklore horror genre and featuring the forests of Aberdeenshire, can be found on Youtube with the following link, or visit the website at www.chaosbox.uk

I’m promoting this because we just hit 28k views and 30k is such an enticing number. So spread the word that the yird is the word. Hmmm. I should have scripted that. Enjoy.

I have a whole other subject to breach but i think its time will come soon. The beginnings of the blog are sitting in my draft tray ready for extrapolation and expansion – but not today.

Which, incidentally, is my mantra which greets me on my computer every day at work.

well. Not every day, now that our yard man got fired and i’m the only muppet with a fricking forklift ticket.

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