Andrew Kyle in the Madness of Reality (2022)

I don’t have much time; for, like all things, time is finite.

I will endeavour to paragraph and punctuate these persuals and ponderings as fast paced and poignant as i can, in the short time that i have assigned to this task.

There is much i’d like to say but wish not to in too much detail; there are things i save for my written diary – things of more personal a nature that i wouldn’t necessary wish to type into a blog and display for the world to see. Don’t worry – before you girls all scream “oh god whats the point in living any more” – I’m not talking personal as in physical health problems (nor indeed mental health problems), i’m talking about other, less publishable problems. (and by the way, the above is a quote from Blackadder, so don’t go calling me an arrogant sexist. Lord Flashheart, however, speaker of said quote, was a git. Woof, indeed, woof.

I’m on the way (later today) to a wedding party weekend, and i’m anxious as hell. I don’t do well in social situations anymore – Covid, thanks for enhancing my already significant maladies in this field – and i’ve already let down one good friend by having a panic attack five minutes before his wedding a few weeks back. Last week i attended another wedding, and i was okay at that, and i had several stunningly awesome star trek and star wars geeks to commune and dance with (yes, including the groom). So this wedding, involving some of my greatest friends, should be no problem at all. But, as those in the know know, the mind is complicated and unpredictable. Tonight will simply be a sit down and chill / write and read. I’m not going to let it undermine me. And the wedding itself will be full of love and smiles. So i’ll be okay.

Once the weekend is over i have a week to prepare a 5000 word opening to a novel for a job application – thats exciting. Amongst that work i hope to produce a review of Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a reflection on Dr Who using the episode “Warriors of the Deep”, start serious thoughts towards a Blakes 7 short story entitled “Plague Station”, and a Dr Who short story for the annual Big Finish competition, which will centre on the concept of forgiveness (again). Oh and in after all that starts to get kicked into motion, my head will also be accomodating either a boardgame day or an Obi-Wan / Maverick weekend following my birthday on wednesday. Then after that (and a weekend of work) i then have another party to attend.

Said party will involve a kilt, a Flash Gordon T-shirt and sleeping in a pod entitled “Shank Burn”.

After that? Looking for a job in Aberdeenshire, i think. The East beckons, and with it, comes the future.

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