Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

AKA Doctor Strange and the Madness of the Multiverse (2022)

AKA Dr Madness and the Strange Multiverse (2022)

AKA Dr Multiverse 2022 is Strange and Mad (ness)

Without a doubt, this film is batshit crazy. Bonkers. Mind-blowingly silly, beyond a shadow of hesitation an absolute brainfuck of spinning lights, ridiculous creations and cinematography that would make an LSD trip feel like a drive in the Cotswolds.

But its also pretty good.

Oh I’m aware i just pissed off the cynics who probably complained its all flash and no heart, but i disagree. At the very centre of this there lies a strong message about happiness, and this is reflected both in the character of Strange himself, but too the arguably central x-tagonist (is she good or bad, that is the million dollar franchise question?) and yes, don’t you worry fans and geeks i did use that x in there not just as the mathematical symbol of the unknown integer but for THAT other reason too. Sort of. Its tenuous.

Much like the films plot, yes, i agree. But who gives two hoots when its this much fun! These Marvel films know exactly what they’re delivering: reasons to go the cinema and see these things in Kong-sized screens and with speakers that would blow the hind legs off a brontosaurus. Actors you know and love not only because they’re handsome (Cumberbatch) or beautiful (errr…Cumberbatch again but also Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Olsen), but because they’re talented. Despite talking a load of nonsence they are all believable in the silly characters they inhabit. Making spinning revolving portals using fingers or staring into a vast sky of greenscreen and apparently seeing the whole city collide into itself Inception style…kudos, boys and girls.

Basically, Wanda has not forgiven herself for the events of her TV show and has sought the Book of the Dead – it may as well be, damn it – to give her power over reality, so she can concoct her own family. A kid called America can manipulate the multiverse (coz, reasons) but only when shes scared. Wanda wants kid, Wanda shouldn’t have that level of control, Strange needs to stop her. And…away we go.

Sam Raimi has been given free reign to cram in as many of his own little idiosyncracies as he can – including Bruce Campbell slapping himself in the face with his own hand – and it shows. I mentioned lunatic cinematography – try acrobatic monkeys with go-pros filming the action scenes. Its frenetic, its frantic, and its imminently wild.

Of course, this is Marvel, so we get to see some very surprising cameos – maybe not quite as jaw dropping as in Spiderman: No Way Home, but even so… that guy i was not expecting!

Bombastic and daft, and so worth a watch. Yep – i made my conclusion cleverly relevant.

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