Course Coronavirus

Two years ago we japed about it whilst visiting one of my best friends in York. Then the world went silent and the atmosphere had a wonderful break, when everyone except the covidiots decided to stay indoors and not drive their pollutant-mobiles everywhere. I didn’t get the option, i had to work. People need food and i look after fish health.

Two years of having to work extra and above and beyond, battling my own demons at the same time, where as people were furloughed, or worse, some people actually started coming down with the andromeda strain and the NHS heroes struggled valiantly to save humanity from extinction. In the UK, anyway. Scientists the world over fought to find vaccines, and then, they did.

Covid fought back with new strains. The Kent variant, the Italian variant, the Loki variant and now the deadly Omega….Sorry, the Omicron variant, which still sounds like a Charlton Heston movie.

Anyway, my point. The point, in fact, of this blog entry. I have got it.


Starting with the sniffles on the Monday, i tested myself with an LFT (twice) and got two positives. This secured me at least a few days off, but i didn’t realise the extent of my suffering to come until the next morning when it hit me like a rhinoceros. Driving a bus. Done up like it was being driven by Imperator Furiosa. Covered in bull horns.

With nose blocked, sinuses screaming and every joint in my body groaning like they were rusting, i committed myself to the couch and have been there ever since. Except one foray to Oban to get my PCR test, which involved me sticking a metre long swab in my throat and attempting to scratch my bottom with it.

I’ve so far watched all of Reacher, Copshop, Exodus: Gods and Kings, some Castle, and have addicted myself to Kate Mulgrew’s second finest performance tv show. (orange is the new black) I love her so much. I’ve also been reading The Handsmaid’s Tale and been playing Assassin’s Creed.

I feel a little better today so i’m up at my computer and writing, being productive. A couple of job applications done and i’ll be happy with the achievements.

Heads still thumping mind. And i’ve got a few more things on the watchlist to get through.

For now, vennlig hilsen

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