Pondrings on The Cursed Child

Now first a disclaimer, I have neither read the book or seen the play.

Ok now that’s done with here is the news: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is entering production as a film. Warner Bros announced this late last week.

There’s no confirmation that the young stars of the original HP will return: Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have found success on their own now- will they really want to return to the franchise? Of course there will be an immense amount of money on the table…

The play dealt with the young progeny of Harry and Draco (Albus and Scorpius, respectively) and that’s about all I know.

My brother – who HAS seen the play, has informed me it may not transfer well to the screen…and that much of it is fan service.

Is that a bad thing? Star Trek Picard is appealing to the fans by reuniting the next generation crew. The Flash movie is bringing back Michael Keatons Batman. Heck, we’ve got another Indiana Jones this year. So maybe fan service is the new awesome.

With the spiralling of the Fantastic Beasts franchise (the Secrets of Dumbledore performed poorly at the box office and we may not see another of the franchise), then it’s not surprising the studio are considering other avenues.