Pondrings on: Pondrings

Just what are Pondrings I hear you ask…well as you can probably guess they are a slight abbreviation on ponderings. Which isn’t a word at all; welcome to my mind.

You see, I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while. I keep aboob of the news in the entertainment world and beyond by way of random news feeds, like-minded friends and my own fervent curiosity.

And I think I have a way with words that might make such info nuggets entertaining in their own right. My bias towards the melodramatic, the trivial and the geekery hopefully appeals to the other dingbats out there.

I can’t predict quite what I’ll be talking about. Off the top of my head the coming days might include Pondrings on The Cursed Child, or Toy Story 5, or How to Train Your Dragon, or …or… the travesty that is the DCU. You know, niche stuff .

This is your warning. Enjoy if you want but you don’t need to ☺️.