John Wick 4 (2023)

The franchise that brought about the Keanussance reaches its fourth instalment. I watched the 3rd movie (Parabellum) just the day before, by happenstance, i was able to catch this massive, epic chapter in John Wick’s quest for revenge.

Upping the stakes again, it is made out that John is out to kill the entire… bloody hell what do you call them? The consortium? No. The Union? The Mafia? The…the…the… Triad? Come on what are they called again? Oh high, the High Table. So John Wicks out to destroy the high castle / table / fidelity even though he was shot out of a window and fell three floors onto a metal roof then onto a concrete road.

But he’s fine. And Lawrence Fishburne is gearing him for war.

Enter frenchy wenchy aristo-scum Bill Saarsgard, as creepy as a french clown wearing a Steve Buscemi mask. He wants to make his mark on the Table by taking down rogue scallywag Wick. And he shuts down Winston’s hotel “The Continental” and…sit down this is a biggy… shoots Lance Reddick dead. This is the dog moment for this film, as Wick then pretty much bee-lines for the Marquis de Gramont with blood in his eyes.

Frenchyman hires Donnie Yen – a highlight of the movie – as a blind assassin – to kill Wick and that pretty much sums up the plot.

Expect the usual Wicky-wicky-wham-bang as Keanu literally throws himself into a multitude of increasingly incredulous acts of violence, gunfights and perfectly choreographed action scenes that will have you wince, flinch, laugh, gasp and slap your forehead. Not always in that order, and in increasing order of magnitude.

Going into this film- or indeed the franchise – with any sense of realism and you’ll be disappointed. This is not a film for those that say “marv would have died with a brick to the head” or, “he literally broke his back and is now back in the Cape again”. John Wick would survive a nuclear holocaust if it served the plot. I mean, if Indy can then so can he.

The performances are all brilliant. Keanu is in fine form as the battered hero, and obviously Ian McShane shines with the surprising emotional core of the movie.

There’s a dog of course, and he’s brilliant too. One of my fave moments in the film happens late on, with the dog at the centre of it, and wow. You’ll love it too!

If somebody says to you, “gosh isn’t John Wick rubbish”

“No. Not really.” (BANG)

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