Dungeons and Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness (2012)

Seemingly, seven years is enough time to wait before trying AGAIN with a dungeons and dragons movie.

A budget of pennies and a cast of nobodies and CGI only worthy of your fridge door combines here to create the book of evil dead. Darkness. Evil darkness. Vile! Vile Darkness!

Basically, said book was torn up and used to create some various quest items, and some evil sorcerer (not Damodar, thank goodness) is trying to reunite the parts to make the whole. Said piece of evil incarnate was once purged from the world by a group of Templar-like knights, but since this event the bloodline of the knights has faded and is now just a bunch of rag-tag wannabe saviours trying to keep a dying flame alive. Nazgûl or whatever his name is, is coming back and his once-vanquishers are long gone…

So step in young jaded paladin knight Grayson, seemingly rejected by the mystic stone (like his father before him) who sets out to save the world.

…by joining a band of misfits. This IS DnD, remember. He finds a beautiful but deadly witch, a big man who may be a giant, and a sort of nasty bitter dark wizard who likes sarcasm. There may be other characters but I’ve forgotten about them.

They rob some people kill some people and even kill a dragon, suffer betrayal and even express feelings for each other. At least two of them do, with our entirely predictable but actually quite endearing romance.

It’s not awful, really. It’s a marked improvement over the last Dire and Disgraceful but it still falls far from doing the franchise justice. It’s massive vacuum of budget hurts it greatly.

Maybe another seven years and lightening will strike.

Nope. Try 11 years. 😂

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