The Power of the Doctor – my idea

What follows is the a detailed breakdown of the plot of the episode I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN, (had i been given that miracle) or DID WRITE in one of the weird mutiverse versions of reality. It will likely bear no resemblance to the version we are all about to watch; but i would be interested to see how much things are different / or the same.

Bearing in mind my brief was the following;

  1. must wrap up the events leading up to this story, providing RTD a reasonably blank slate to kick off on. Blank in so far its a TV program that has been about for 59 years.
  2. Must feature celebratory cameos of some companions of past-doctors.
  3. must be a centenary celebration of the BBC
  4. must feature the Master predominantly, with likely Daleks as well.
  5. Must end with Jodie Whittakers regeneration.
  6. plot must be insanely epic.

The Doctor recieves a distress call she cannot possibly ignore – from her old pal Dorothy Ace McShane, who has been taken hostage by The Master and his race of CyberDalek hybrids. Ace says she has been captured and is being held inside the Master’s TARDIS, currently masquerading as BBC television centre. She also mentions that another old friend is in the prison with her – Tegan Jovanka!

The Doc demands what evil deeds the Master is trying to to inflict upon the Earth – but it turns out hes not interested in the Earth at all. Rather, his beef is with her, and the Time Lords. He has discovered that he was double-duped. The Gallifrey he destroyed was a duplicate formed by the Time Lords for that very reason – to make him think he had won, but divert his attention from the true location of his people. But they’re not his people – are they? The Timeless Child was never the Doctor – it was always the Master. He was lied to. So in revenge, the Master intends to invert his Eye of Harmony, and using the Doctor’s DNA, erase EVERY SINGLE TIME LORD from existence. In every reality, in all time lines.

With the Eye of Disharmony growing inside BBC Television centre, the Doctor must pull out all the stops, calling in favours from all across the cosmos to come to her aid. It turns out that she has left a hell of legacy – the power of the doctor has spread far and wide, and her friends swarm to assist her.

But it turns out the only way to stop the Eye of Disharmony from destabilising and destroying her friends is to sacrifice herself.

The Doctor’s regeneration energy and her own TARDIS’ eye of harmony neutralise the Master’s weapon, and he is thrown back through the rift into the original unknown dimension from whence he came, all those thousands of years ago.

Ncuti wakes up in UNITS medical bay, and the Doctor is born anew.

Then a bue police box materialises on the street outside and the Doctor and Donna emerge. “Whats going on Doctor? Why are we here?”

“Something has gone wrong. Very, very wrong. And i need more than one me to fix it!”


And now i’m going to see what they actually did, with four minutes to spare…

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