This blog started life as a review of a Pandora Men episode. Then it was going to be a preview of tonight’s Dr Who episode, “Legend of the Sea Devils.” Then i decided just to make it a short and simple, “Happy Easter” blog to anybody that reads it. And then, to save time and effort and for maximum affect, i combined all the above.

But first, i saw an Osprey!

Yep today marked a special occasion on any twitcher’s calender – spotting the first Osprey of the year. Its indicative of a new season, like Puffins arriving at their colonies or swallows starting to nest in the eaves. The Osprey is here and its here for a while. At least i hope it is. I can now e-mail Jon at Braevallich and say “i’ve seen the osprey’ and he’ll predictably reply, “oh, mine has been here since last week.” We have a silent rivalry, you see.

Anyway, following an otherwise uneventful day on the water feeding fish and thinking pish (currently trying to write a Pandora script called “Battledrones over Gardenstown”), aside from seeing the aforementioned Fish Hawk, today was Easter Sunday. Which means eggs for tea. For some reason. Alongside my pre-planned breaded + seeded alaskan pollock and hand cut, hand cooked skin-on chips, i’m rather looking forwards to dinner.

At least… i sort of am.

Tonight you see, over dinner, i will be watching Dr Who: Legend of the Sea Devils. And its going to be marmite. It’ll either do the sea devils justice, and be brilliant, or, for every other reason, be utterly awful. I’ve not been easy to impress really with any of Jodie’s reign despite, perhaps, War of the Sontarans, the Witchfinders and maybe, maybe Eve of the Daleks, but only because that Dalek got a fucking mini-gun.

There is far too much talk about Thasmin in social media its putting me off. Not because of the subject matter itself, more that i just don’t agree thats what Dr Who is about. Dr Who is about clever, well-scripted science fiction and fantasy, and…well, monsters. And these particular monsters are about as important to my childhood as Winnie the Pooh. If i was in the water, so were they. My younger, better brother once described their method of killing people as ‘glugging’ – rather than ‘strangling’. I remember tiny snippets of life sewn into the memories. Mum describing the sea devil running back into the ocean as ‘looking like Malcolm”. Genuinely thinking i was clever when telling someone the Master DID KNOW THE CLANGERS WERE FAKE, HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC. Oh, its one of those episodes, yes. Up there with Robots of Death, Terror of the Zygons, Revenge of the Cybermen and Ghost Light. So good you couldn’t pay me to find fault.

So forgive me if tonights episode will invariably fall short of standards.

Moving on though to an Easter celebration worthy of your short time. Its not long, but its fucking disturbing.

The Pandora Men, S1, E09: The Easter Bunny.

Going in, all you need to know is: Jacob can’t die. (reasons). And Hugo is having personal mental issues. No one trusts Samuel.

Watch the episode. Fear the Bunny.

And have a merry easter. I’m off to chew bubblegum and boil some eggs. And i’m all out of gum.

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