Two Three oh Two Two oh Two Two

Having missed the chance at a blog entry yesterday which would have been even more excellently alliterative (and if i’d written it at 10:22pm in the 24 clock even more even betterer), here is my slightly inferior attempt.

I started today with three significant thoughts, followed by a new thought about ten minutes later. I relate them here to you now in chronological order. However i now warn you, in the time it took to get this done, i’ve actually forgotten what the fourth thought was. I’m sure it was nice. Godpseed, lost thought.

First; that dream. A fully rounded episode of Star Trek: Voyager, that saw the ship end its long journey to Earth about thirty or so years after – well, maybe set somewhere in season 4, this episode would have been. The crew were all made-up old, all looking so much older than their actor counterparts do now, hilariously, and Janeway had changed her hairdo into a horrible judge’s wig milarkey, and got fat. Anyway, as i lived inside the episode as an observer, i was introduced to a set load of cargo in the hold – piles of feed pallets not unlike the ones i see at work – which the ship had picked up from an alien race called the Acrimmons. Just as the Voyager was entering the system and meeting its lovely escort (which included the Enterprise-E, natch) somebody discovered that the feed pallets were in fact connected in such a way that they formed the final part of an incendiary device; the actual explosive material existing outside of realspace in a subspace plane called ‘interspace’. A detonator, that when placed in a certain location, would cause a massive explosion. It turns out that Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok all knew of this the whole journey; each of them now vastly different in character and motive since years before. Some alien force had made them evil and dangerous, but a ship-wide perception influencer had hidden these obvious observations from the crew. Which is why no one questioned the strange material in the storage hold. However, my character, only joining the crew as an advance welcome party, and due to some personal mental bypass…sees things for what they truly are…and realises that in order to save the Earth he may have to reinvent the laws of causality, or, at least, find someone that can help…

The ep was called Terminus Earth, by the way.

Secondly. Invalid now as its gone 4pm – yes i know – but i actually sat down at the computer and began the days work before 9am, and i thought to myself ‘this is what i want things to be like’. I would like to wake up, grab a shower and breakfast, write down some instantaneous nonsence in my blog, then start work officially at nine, continuing throughout until 5ish. Maybe 6 if theres a lot to do. This way i can be flexible with what i get done and how.

Thirdly; i’m submitting an oldie to a competition, re-writing a short called Tweek into the first chapter of a bigger story, entitled, Tweek: Metal. The full thing may never come to pass, but i’ve lain significant groundwork now for its existence in the future. I had submitted this to if you fancy a gander down that way…

Oh and i recieved a rather expensive and stressful gut punch later in the day, but thats for another rant.

Now, as it happens today has been rather fruitful in the long run, but only in comparison to other times. My day-to-day productivity would massively increase once i nail this writing milarkey. I just need to get paid for some things, instead of it all being voluntary.

Bottom line, i’m fed up saying, i need to get the fuck out of Dodge.

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