Dr Who – Flux VI – The Vanquishers

Okay. Am i missing something? Genuinely, i have been less than impressed this entire season, not just as a Doctor Who once-fanatic but as a watcher of cult television, science fiction and fantasy…and yet all i see are plaudits and hyperbole describing this six part spaghetti of plot and pace as the best thing ever to happen in the modern world.

Not once was a jot given, nor i feel earned, for any characters throughout. How could we possibly mourn the loss of every Lupari when we met none of them bar one, and didn’t even see their mass genocide, just told about it after the fact. I felt vaguely sorry for Karvanista because even through all that hairy makeup the talent of the actor Craig Els allows us a spot of empathy. Kudos to him.

Bel and Vinder; ah yes. A weird, stapled-on subplot that went utterly nowhere and played no real role in the development of the narrative, although it was “‘heart-warming’ and humanising in amongst all the sci-fi;” was it? It was disjointed nonsence.

Oh i love the fact that there really are only three species in the whole of existence that have comparable armies. In the infinitude of villainous species likely in our universe only the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans are important enough to warrant inclusion here.

Don’t get me started on the Doc and Yaz. I was about to throw the remote at the TV when they were about to kiss. I have tried and tried to tell myself thats not what was happening, but it was undeniably the intent of that scene to infer it. Even Dan’s cheesy interuption – which was then handled so awkwardly it left no dispute in my disappointed heart.

Yaz herself has no character. How is she a strong role model? Dan has been in the series for five episodes and is already more lovable and relatable than Yaz. Bring back Ryan the Plank. At least he owned his plankness.

Awww and was i supposed to shed a tear when Jericho sacrificed himself?

But the Division scenes. Terrible scripts. Are we to care that Tecteun is now gone? What was her plan again? To use the Flux to wipe out the universe so she can start it again without the Doctor but then – in nearly the same heartbeat she offers the Doctor to join her. So…what…ermmm… happened?

SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – but I’m not left wanting to know the answers. Rather the complete opposite.

I don’t know, maybe the world has jaded me through its pandemic-enhanced cynicism, but it just seems Dr Who has lost its way so much. In its heydays (and i’m talking both classic and Nu-Who), it was rip-roaring, intelligent science fiction. Yes, some of it was on the nose (again, both series – i mean, the original had episode satires on environmental crises (Inferno) and tax evasions (Sun Makers), and the new one had takes on over-population (Gridlock) and moral ethics (Waters of Mars); so its not as if the Chibnall-era has tried anything new – except to, and i apologise, monumentally fuck with established canon.

And, also, to do so without the payoff. It didn’t make things better; this is not good Dr Who. This was not good television. This was not good…at all.

Can we look forwards to Daleks saving the series in the New Year? Not unless they exterminate the showrunner. And the writers.

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