I’m worried about myself

I try to deny it. I try to tell myself i’m being stupid and that i’ll feel better soon. This, unfortunately, usually turns out to be true. i feel better for a short time, my maladies physical and mental evaporate… and then somewhere down the line, they reassemble, reminding me about how i felt the month or two previously when i thought i was on the edge of oblivion and then, well, proved to myself that i wasn’t.

today is one of those moments where i can’t even be bothered going back to the beginning of this sentence and capitalising the T. i’d rather leave it, incorrect – an aberration of punctuation and grammar, much like the various i’s dotted around in this wordy upchuck. dotted, literally, which is rather my point.

oh now here now, i’ve just thought up something clever, so in order to celebrate my ego-maniacality i’m going to put quotations around it.

“There is always a point when dotting an I except when you’re just starting, or standing by yourself.” – Me.

One day in the future i’ll be there in a book of famous quotations by celebrated authors. What sort of prose / written word do i want to be famous for, though: thats a good question. Ask me now and all i want is to have a doctor who story spoken by a doctor who author for an audiobook. I’d like to think i’ll bring out some fairly entertaining stories for a wider audience, maybe as novels, or a collection of poetry, or, oh i’d love – to find a regular column in a magazine of sorts. a sustained income.

maybe even write the screenplay for an episode of TV, or dare think it, a movie. who nose, right? huge nose, hugh nose, who nose, who knows? does hugh know? i’ll text him and ask him.

wait. who’s hugh?

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