Duck Food (and sequels / prequels)

Here below i announce the plans for the complete saga to date. Of course i have no intention to write these literary monstrosities until certain things come into effect later in life (publishing history and so forth), but for the time being, have a laugh at how much thought i put into this in an entirely passive means;

Duck Food – the story of how i came to be a fish farmer, and the rather circular start to this career. Will begin at Braevallich, flashback to leaving the cinema, and then cover the first year and a half at Loch Etive troutfarm, including the summer of Sean and some Skye-travels in between, then moving to Ornithological Surveyor in Newtonmore, then moving to the nightmare of Balfour Beatty, before returning to Braevallich.

Cinemonkeys – a prequel. A collection of anecdotes stitched together by a flimsy, currently undecided narrative, covering my life at Cineworld (nee UGC) Renfrew Street. This will undoubtedly include the origin stories for most, if not all, my friends.

The Interveinous Line – the story of how i left Braevallich to work at Tervine. Expect tales of Frank, Lewis, Andy, Liam and freshwater trout.

Wealth and Hellfire – a play on the phrase Health and Welfare, telling of how i was moved from Tervine back to Etive, with the use now of that MSc i struggled to attain back at University. This has been five years at time of going to press. Might be a big book…

Pink Shampoo – this is the story of depression and taking a sabbatical from work, and the hopeful change in career that will happen soon.

the next book after this one is unknown, obviously. I’d love to call it AUTHOR EXULTANT but who knows.

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