Duck Food 2

I call this bit the Portree Experience, for obvious reasons. This small section of the novel will cover the backstory of wee Neil, told in flashback, whilst telling the story of the rather drunken night out in Skye’s capital. It will be part two of the Skye story, previously covered in the chapter which as yet goes unnamed, although will find its title in the name i gave the Facebook photo album way back whenever. You know the one; Jenna visited the cottage with Marj, and Jenna took the train back to Glasgow, and Marj and I hit Skye at after midnight, chasing the sunset up the west coast (to no avail). Then Marj left on the Armidale ferry and Jaki and I explored the basin of the Cullins, and i got a great photo of Andrew’s deception, by G.Cassidy. This was also the beginning of the jenny colgan set of anecdotes. Which i think will have to get its own chapter. Sigh. This novel is going to be bloody confusing.

Because this was me thinking about the Portree Experience…

Okay. So from this train of thought we have now established this:

The Jenny Colgan Anecdotes will need a separate chapter. Skye (first iteration), and Skye (second iteration) will be separate chapters, the latter flashbacking to John McPhee’s visit to Etive with Wee Neil. There may be some clever narrative link in there.

Lets have a thought about the chapterisation then so far.

1: The Last Days of the World

2: The Deep End

3: The First Winter

4: Finding Footing

5: Restless Etives

5: The Summer of Sean

6: Skye Iteration 1

7: Orkney / Arretantiam

8: Man on a Ledge

9: Skye Iteration 2// Twilight Night

10: WSP

11: Human Zoo

12: Beauly – Denny

13: The Breakdown

14: To Braevallich

There. I think thats enough to go on. Now, once i buy a new laptop (after i buy a new fridge) I’ll hammer through this. Thats the plan, anyway. Always offsetting whats important by saying there is something else i could be doing. Welcome to my life.

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