22 Jump Street (2014)

I’ll makes no bones about it, and keep no secrets. I HATED this film. And i so didn’t expect to, considering i rather enjoyed the first. I don’t know what i was thinking – because i actually went to see this instead of Maleficent. Sigh. Anyway. One learns from their mistakes. And the mistake i made was trusting Jonah Hill not to annoy the hell out of me with every millisecond of his screen time.

I think, in all honesty, if you cut him out of this movie i’d love it. Channing Tatum is hilarious – some of his lines are spot on, and the action scenes, where he gets to dive about in slo mo and shoot bad guys and blow things up, are entertaining. Ice Cube’s police chief is brilliant in the way that only angry black men can be (i’m not being racist here!), and the plot is complex enough to be interesting.

But then Jonah Hill turns up and says something which either ruins everything or isn’t funny. Or in most cases, both. Its wince-worthy and i felt my fist clench every time he scuppered the plot with his face. In the same way he nearly did with The Wolf of Wall Street, which fortunately had the masterclass DiCaprio in there to save the day.

Try as he might, in this context Channing is no DiCaprio, so as a result, the film falls foul of my hating stare. By far the worst film i’ll see this year and well up for the top 5 of my least favourite films ever, alongside American Pie and Due Date.

God i hated it. Did i say that?

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