Duck Food 1.

Okay. So what this is is the first of many, i hope. “Duck Food” is the tentative title for a mostly-autobiographical look to a fairly important section of my life, ranging, at present, from the cinema to my work as a fish farmer here on Braevallich. I think, therefore, it’ll cover the following topics. Leaving the cinema – (so maybe a short chapter at the beginning about the last days, but the story of the cinema itself is a novel alone, so it will be a prequel.) Then Loch Etive, its ups and downs, sometimes up, outnumber the downs. But not in Nottingham. You get the idea. So look out, Lorne, Thsimon, Jamie, Frank, Lewis, Andy from Niggerdale, Wee Neil from Skye, and all the rest. Your anecdotal affects to my life will finally see the light of day outside of my gesticulative storytelling. Then the move to WSP will be covered, and Dan, Clare and Stew will get the treatment. Then to Balfour Beatty, where Foghorn Legget will get lynched. Then, following my ‘mental breakdown’, returning to work for Dawn French at Braevallich, where the story will conclude.

The question is, will i ever explain why i’m calling it Duck Food?

I will post further thoughts in the future as this novel develops…

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