The Lego Movie

If you have played any of the Lego games, then you will already know that the people behind the little bricks have astounding imaginations, a spot-on sense of humour and, most importantly, a grasp of the difference between homage and pastiche. And therefore, when you hear the words ‘lego movie’, you don’t think, “ahhhh rubbish, bet its pants” you think, instead, “oh wow. That sounds amazing.”

So add to that already high-reaching expectation when you discover a voice cast that includes Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson (and some bloke called Will Ferrell, but lets ignore that one because i hate him).

And what results is hilarious. Mostly. At least 75% of the movie is brilliant. It has music (EVERYTHING IS AWESOME), it has humour so astoundingly spot-on you could nail it to a poster of blazing saddles, and, wonderfully, it has a cameo from Han Solo. What else do you need?

I loved this film, for the most part. I love the really silly, completely unneccessary thing with Superman and Green Lantern, but which for some reason is so astoundingly appropriate. I love the fact that not all humour / jokes stemmed from references to other things “hello, michaelangelo (looks at painter), and hello, michaelangelo (looks at turtle), but also there are their own jokes in there – SPACESHIP!. The animation was excellent; even the use of 3D was nice, although mostly unnoticable.

Liam Neeson walks away from this film the best voice in it and by a country mile. He was phenomenal.

HOWEVER (spoilers)

The bit when little Emmett falls through the portal into ‘reality’ grates on me even now. I understand why it happens and it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but i still think…it just wasn’t necessary. There was a decent enough daft plot in there with regards to glue and what that represents, that we didn’t need the whole father-son bonding thing. It was unnecessary schmaltz. Plus i hate Will Ferrell, as aforementioned.

Other than that. Top Marks. And the closing joke was genius.

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